Miles to go before I sleep

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I started my career as a development professional right after my post graduation (MBA Rural Management) with the society established by Tribal Development Department, Government of Gujarat. This was like dream come true. My one year tenure in organization not only provided me opportunity to work for tribal education but also helped me to polish my academic knowledge and skills. Although I felt lost at times in my struggle with files, guidelines, note sheets and rejected ideas; the real pleasure came when during my filed visits students told me how they started loving their school after the new play ground, how amazing was their exposure visits, how they were struggling with that e-learning project recently implemented, how they enjoyed their first career counseling workshop and how their mess was in better shape now – so many of these small good changes – of which either I was part of or pushed it to get materialized. My biggest take-away from my previous job are phone calls I receive from those kids to either join them again or give a short visit as early as possible.

My only motivation to join PMRDF was to work with Government, that too at difficult areas, with well set mission and structured strategies and activities. The concept of mutual learning and facilitating development in areas, which are in dire need of development, attracted me greatly. Opportunity of working and knowledge sharing with some of the best government officers during this fellowship was another factor which I found quite interesting about this fellowship.

Last one year as PMRDF Balaghat helped me to develop myself both personally and professionally. It has given me opportunity to work and interact with people at each and every tier of hierarchy starting with Panchayat secretary to State officials. The initial phase of settling down helped me to understand district dynamics and widen my knowledge of different development schemes.  District administration Balaghat is trying its hands on various technological interventions for effective and efficient implementation of the development schemes. I got opportunity to work in one such project (Work Management System) developed to tackle delays in construction works in the district. I was also involved in project planning of IAP and am currently working on another such plan.

During past one year the major issue for me was to identify area of work so that I can engage more effectively in the district with my set of skill and knowledge.

I still have to rationalize how these small works of mine benefited the district and as far as achievement is concerned  I have miles to go before I sleep.


Arti Mishra is placed at Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh. She is a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Barkatullah University and an MBA (Rural Management) from KIIT School of Rural Management, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


2 thoughts on “Miles to go before I sleep

  1. As a change agent you will get a great experience during in balaghat and surely there are too much scope for changes. I am also from BGT n engaged with development sector, wrking in a csr foundation. Best wishes…..

  2. I am working with National AIDS Control Organisation on specific issues related to migration and increasing HIV risk in your district. How you think this can be addressed. The gram sabhas, VHND meetings, Zilla parishad meetings can take up these issues.Migration is surely related to poverty, lack of livelihood opportunities. Do let me know, how we can work together.We have a office at Bhopal as well. Thanks and best wishes for your hard work there.
    Dr. Subash Chandra Ghosh

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