PMRDF has given me opportunity to promote livelihoods of the youth of Saranda though skill training and placement

RamashishRamashis Rajak

I applied for PMRDF because I was looking for an opportunity to work for my native state Jharkhand and I also wanted to use all my skills, experiences that were accumulated during my 5 years of work at grassroots for a livelihood generation programme. When I went through the detail of PMRDF scheme I found it very suitable as per my dream. This programme has the quality to provide immense opportunity for development professionals like me to work independently and be the voice of people whose voices have been unheard since independence.

During my eight years’ stay out of the state I was regularly following up the events at Jharkhand and I used to think why hard working vibrant youths are choosing the path of extremism. I came to know that youths are not getting proper opportunity to earn their livelihood because they don’t have proper easy accessible training facility from where they can learn and earn. So I decided to work for these hard working youth and provide facility of skill training in multiple trades which can provide them opportunity to access sustainable livelihood.

For providing skill development training on construction, tally and apparel manufacturing I have collaborated with various government and non-governmental organisations. I have arranged training for 50 youths and they are earning Rs. 7,000 per month. One hundred more youth are undergoing training which will provide them long term livelihood opportunity in the state as well as outside.

Our initiative of mobilising youth from the interior villages of West Singhbhum is paying off. Large number of youths from Saranda forest area as well as other parts of the district are coming forward for the trainings to earn their livelihood with respect and dignity. Huge number of applications are being submitted by the youth to get training on construction, apparel manufacturing, nursing etc. I have planned to arrange training for 2,000 youths in the next two years.

It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I find that large number of people are coming forward to support this initiative.


Ramashis Rajak is based at West Singhbhum (Jharkhand). He is a B.A. Economics (Honours) from Ranchi University and a Master in Social Work from Delhi School of Social work, University of Delhi. Prior to joining PMRDF Ramashis worked as an Assistant Manager in “New Generation Co-operative Project” of the National Dairy Development Board.


One thought on “PMRDF has given me opportunity to promote livelihoods of the youth of Saranda though skill training and placement

  1. It is a praiseworthy effort on your part to channelize the energy of misguided youths of the country. The PMRDF is a win win situation for candidates and stakeholders. I just hope all other ministries emulate it and launch similar program.

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