PMRD Fellowship is a golden opportunity to work with people as well as administration; hence “learn to serve and serve to learn”.

RajeevRajeev Kumar

I belong to a lower middle class family. My father is a teacher and mother is a homemaker. Born and brought up in Karari village of Sonebhadra district (which was initially the only IAP district in UP), I have spent my childhood in the village with limited resources. I played cricket with other poor villagers where it was very difficult to purchase a new ball. I used to think if it is ever possible that we will see/live/enjoy the facilities of cities some day. Whether the day will come when innocent poor friends will get some Government job? The answer with me at that time was NO or one can say NEVER.

After completing intermediate class, I qualified SSB at Bhopal in the year 2005, but this job for Technical Defense Officer was not going to change the answer to my question. So I opted to go for B. Tech.  Just after the first sessional examination, being at the top in Electronics & Communication branch, I got the opportunity to have High Tea with Lieutenant General  J.M. Garga in year 2006. That was a high point in my life. I got the Placement in a Software Company and completed my degree with Honours  in 2009.

Rather than joining the gold certified company of Microsoft, I started my career as a lecturer in D.V.S.I.E.T. Meerut and handled the responsibility of Master of Ceremony there for 8 months. Learning and shaping the future of others was interesting for me. Later I joined Nokia Siemens Networks in February 2010 as Network Optimization Engineer and served for 2 years and 2 months.

To change the answer to my above question was the motivation for joining PMRDF Scheme. After the training and field orientation, I joined as a PMRDF  on June 25, 2012 at Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh. I focused on two key areas of my interest. Firstly, I worked on skill development part of the common people & employees, so that they can develop their skills and contribute in the development of the nation. Secondly, I attempted to make the recruitment process transparent so that genuine candidates can get the opportunity without any cost.

Till date I have conducted more than 10 examinations for different posts under Class-2, Class-3 & Class-4 employees to fill up more than 450 vacancies. I feel happy when people say, “We have never seen this kind of transparent examination and selection process earlier in our life”. Even candidates from most vulnerable groups are being selected in various examinations and getting government job without any cost. Under the skill development part, I am working in the counseling phase and hope I will soon change the answer to my question (the spirit with which I joined PMRDF) at least for Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh.

Yes it is true that development is a slow process. Also it is very tough to keep the process of recruitment very confidential. It has led to High Blood Pressure of mine in this early age of 26 years. Anyways, where there is will there is a way.

Har sikhar ko par karte, nit nayi manjil ki oor.

Pragati ka kafila badne laga hai charo oor.

Raah ke har saksha ko, lekar chale hain sath hum.

Lik naye andaaj se, fir nayi manjil ki oor…


Rajeev Kumar is based at Balrampur, Chhattisgarh.


2 thoughts on “PMRD Fellowship is a golden opportunity to work with people as well as administration; hence “learn to serve and serve to learn”.

  1. Good Work and Many Congratulations for keeping the good work go. I personally have experienced how difficult it is to do few things especially where people are involved and definitely admire you for taking up this task and hope you keep doing this and will inspire many more like me.

    All the best and let us all together work for a Better, Brighter and a Future India.

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