PMRD Fellowship has provided me with a platform to work on all the major issues of society.

Harsha Vashistha        Image

Working as a Neuro-therapist, I always had an inert proud of dealing with people with disabilities (differently able), and bringing change in their lives in a manner; so as to make them live a near normal lifestyle. While doing so I always wanted to step ahead & provide this helping hand to a mass population and also include social rehabilitation along with physical. This fellowship has provided me with one such platform where I am able to have a mass communication and opportunity to work not only for disabled but for all the major issues of society.

Before joining PMRDF Scheme there was a time when after my marriage I myself was looking for a job. It was very disappointing not getting a job of my choice and finally now I am happy with the work I am doing, though not the same which I was doing or wanted to do but something new and which make me learn too. Best part is that from being unemployed I have switched to a capability today where now I provide employment or make rural people capable of getting better employment in my district through various schemes of GOI, State as well as some innovative initiatives at my district.

As I started with the fellowship, in my training period it was as if I am just moving along the flow wherever required and this continued even after joining as a fellow in my district too for a long time. This use to give me a feeling by the end of each day that I worked a lot, I am tired but nothing fruitful happened in the whole day. Though I was learning a lot each day but if I might have continued the same practice I would have been Jack of all trades and Master of none. So, by beginning of this year in January I finally decided to continue working only in HR related works and initiatives and I am very much self-satisfied by doing so. Since January I had brought up Livelihood College in my district, spread awareness about skill development schemes and henceforth provided employment to youth within the district.  I have interlinked many BRGF & DIF funded projects to my targets; and made a coordinated and convergent working atmosphere for education, health, skill development and other departments in my district.

This has provided me to work on aspects of creativity, tradition & culture, human resource and infrastructure development and strengthening, women and youth empowerment and many new initiatives to help the poor and needy people in a systematic and scheduled manner. Now may be not every day but by the end of each project may be in a week or two, I feel that I did something really good for the rural people. These small achievements provide me with the strength to continue working even in my seventh month of pregnancy. May be after this fellowship I switch back to my profession but I am enjoying and want to do the best I can during this period.


Harsha Vashistha is based at Bastar in Chhattisgarh. She is Master in Physiotherapy-Neurology (MPT-Neuro). Harsha worked for two years in the field of Neuro Rehabilitation for two years before joining PMRDF.


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