I wanted to know how dedicated is the district administration in fulfilling the hopes of the people..

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I joined PMRDF having very little knowledge about the nature of the work that I would be required to perform. Only knowledge I had was the CAPART guidelines, which says that PMRDFs are to work as developmental facilitators and coordinate with district collectors in various developmental activities in IAP districts. Since, I am a civil service aspirant I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to learn, understand and acknowledge how the IAP districts are different from non-IAP districts, what are the glitches and developmental lacunae which people are facing and of course I am not hesitating to say that I wanted to know how dedicated is the district administration in fulfilling the hopes of the people and support as a facilitator in bridging the development gaps. We all know the above mentioned issues from newspapers and magazines and I thought that joining this fellowship would be a good prospect to know things at the grassroots level.

After our training of one month in Hyderabad, we were asked to stay in a village for a period of ten days and I must candidly accept that those ten days were horrendous times because of lack of basic facilities in the village. During my village stay my cognizance, principles and dedication to work for people were dithering and I was demotivated. Eventually I passed all the hurdles, which I faced during village stay and I must confess that this happened because of two things: one my persuasion to work and our district collector’s strong motivation to overcome hurdles. In course of time, I stayed in an interior mandal for another 3 months and carried out my study.

I took up a study on the State run Employment Generation and Marketing Mission Programme for youth employment called as Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu, which provides training in the fields of computers, accounting, personality development, nursing, tailoring etc., for a period of three to four months and the trained candidates are placed in the nearby cities and sometimes to metros like Hyderabad and Chennai. During my study, I realized that there is high dropout percentage of youth placed within two months of placement. I carried out a study on this and found out that these youths were paid inadequately, poorly acquainted with urban culture and had homesickness. Also, administration needs to modify the training modules. I have submitted my report covering these issues with the district collector and state level authorities.

For understanding work placement related problems faced by youth, I took up a study of Rural BPO model in Bangalore and Chennai and apply same concept to the Srikakulam district (where I have been appointed) so that youth can get placement in their native district. I prepared a proposal of Rural BPO on cost arbitrage and CSR activities and approached the companies like IBM, WIPRO and Rural Shores. Initially there was no good response from the companies. Later, fortunately our district collector introduced me with H’ble Minister of Information and Communication Technology, who happened to be from Srikakulam district. After that meeting, district collector assigned me to coordinate and work as a team leader in setting up a Rural BPO. In the due course with persistent effort and fortune two companies viz,. Infosys and Rural Shores have come to set up a 120 seated Rural BPO in Amdalavalasa mandal of Srikakulam district and I am coordinating with district administration and company officials for successful implementation of Rural BPO.

At last, I would like to thank H’ble Minister of Information and Communication Technology district collector for providing me the opportunity to work on Rural BPO and also for persistently motivating me in discharging my efforts.


Pooja B V is based at Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh. She has Bachelors in Engineering in Computer Science. PMRDF is her first work opportunity.


6 thoughts on “I wanted to know how dedicated is the district administration in fulfilling the hopes of the people..

  1. hi pooja, please let me know if it is possible to prepare for civil services while being a fellow…i am in my 4th attempt now would like to know from you is it possible to do justice to both the fellow program and my preparation? and how long one works on an average per day?

  2. Hi Pooja garu,
    I am an engineering graduate. I don’t want to be a software professional or an employee who works in an office working hard to make someone more rich. I read about this program in a local news paper and got very excited. Please help me to become one of you. Please send a reply. Please please.


    • hello mam,
      i am an engg graduate in ece .am intrstd to join in pmrdf prgrm 2013.please guide me how to prepare for exam and what is the future for this work,wt abt opportunities in future etc details …kindly rply me ….vivekt412@gmail.com

  3. hi pooja,
    I am Khushbu from Rajasthan. I am also an engg graduate in computer science.I have cleared prmdfs written and i am preparing for interview so,could you plz guide me for interview…kindly rply me…

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