“Rural Development is the main pillar of nation’s development, so I wanted to be part of this journey as a PMRD Fellow”

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I always wanted to contribute to rural development as I believe that it is one of the most important factors for the growth of the Indian economy. Fortunately, I got information about PMRDF scheme through newspaper and I instantly decided to apply and join PMRDF and live my dream of contributing to rural development. Rural development, off late, has assumed utmost importance and now receives global attention especially in the developing nations. Similarly, it has great significance for a country like India where majority of the population (around 65%) live in rural areas. Rural development in India has witnessed several changes over the years in its emphasis, approaches, strategies and programmes. People’s participation is one of the foremost pre-requisites of development process both from procedural and philosophical perspectives. For the development planners and administrators, it is important to solicit the participation of different groups of rural people to make the plans participatory.

Working with the administration is a different ball game and a store of surprises. One needs to have a lot of patience for everything. I received full support from the administration and my DM. Best part of my experience with the administration during a year into fellowship is that it is a lot different from any regular employment where life is somewhat predictable. I believe that it is not a charity that I am doing instead, it is just giving it back to the society that helped me to have a decent life. In Jehanabad district, during the strike of Panchayat Rojagar Sevaks, we started NREGA works with the help of Self Help Groups in which a high number of women participated.

As PMRDF my present strategy is to mainly focus on poverty alleviation, better livelihood opportunities, provision of basic amenities and infrastructure facilities through innovative programmes of wage and self-employment to the beneficiaries.


Priyanka Kumari is based at Jehanabad in Bihar. She has an MBA in HR and Marketing. Priyanka worked as HR in Solar Tech for four months before joining PMRDF.


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