“I feel that I was tested with the hardest of things in my life whenever I tried to join the fellowship, but I kept going with all that came my way”

Jechonia Islary            Image


During my Masters in Social Work, my urge and passion grew for the health issues and policy analysis and research. I have always been an active participant in all the public discussions and class room presentations. I had under taken up research titled, ‘Indigenous Medical Practices of Bodo Community.’ Health, education and community Development is what I feel can bring changes in our society—both in urban and rural areas. During my data collection and analysis, I learnt that health is not just a bio-medical phenomenon, but is being influenced by a host of social, cultural, political, economic, geographical and psychological factors.

After experience of working in Sambalpur district, Orissa, one of the IAP districts, I felt that I would be able to contribute effectively to communities through my skills and talent, being one in the community. So, an urge grew within me to be a part of PMRDF recruitment process. It was quite a few months long wait and I was happy to make through as a fellow. I joined 1st batch in Hyderabad for the training but unfortunately, I lost my elder brother in a road accident on the 3rd day of training. So, I moved back home and decided to leave the programme. But, since the 2nd batch was starting only 3 months later, I and my family were able to settle things and I was back to fellowship in the 2nd batch in June 2012. During my training in the batch 2, again disaster struck my home locality with kind of social unrest due to arm conflict between two different communities. My village was badly affected by the conflict and all of them were in the relief camp for days at the go. I had various thoughts in my mind about the fellowship and the things happening to me. But my class XII logic paper kept me reminded of fallacy called “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” literary meaning that it is merely correlation rather than causation. In fact I feel that I was tested with the hardest of things in my life whenever I tried joining the fellowship. But I kept going with all that came my way.

During the state and district selection, I had no option to opt for, for I was not sure of any of the IAP districts that were left over after the ones allocated to the 1st batch fellows. I then moved to Jharkhand and finally to Giridih district. I had never heard of Giridih before I reached Ranchi. I was welcomed with open arms by DC of Giridih when I reached there as a fellow. It is really great that I have a brotherly love and care of the Deputy Commissioner of the district. The work plans were made and I am submerged deep into it. I am also given with the best of facilities like housing, vehicle and many other immeasurable entities. On the same I am also demanded with the works and I am really performing that is giving me inner satisfaction and appreciation from the reporting authority and from others in the district.


Jechonia Islary is based at Giridih in Jharkhand. He has a Masters in Social Work (Health and Development & Social Policy and Planning) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Jechonia worked for three years with NGOs and in health sector including one year with BISWA, Sambalpur in Orissa as Deputy Manager Programmes (policy and planning) and for two years with NRHM, Assam as District Community Mobilizer, Chirang District in Assam before joining PMRDF.


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