“Live and let live is good but live and help live is better”

DIPTI PARIDHI KINDO                                            Image


I did my BCA with distinction but after realizing my zeal to work for developmental segment, I joined in PG in Rural Development at Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi. I had undergone internship in the most arid region of the country with CGPL, A Tata Power Company in Kutch, Gujarat for “A Study on Feasibility of Potential Enterprises: An Assessment of Women SHGs in Project Area” under the guidance of Dr. (Fr) Alex Ekka SJ, Director of XISS, Ranchi .  I worked for 8 months with an NGO, KNNA in Gujarat as a Cluster Coordinator for strengthening self-governance PRI structure, Natural Resource Management, Health, Livelihood and Education. Working with a grassroots NGO in my preliminary professional journey, assisted me to implement my theoretical classroom learning into the practical and enhance my working potential with interfacing the ground veracity. Thereafter, for three months I worked in SAFAL Project, Jharkhand as a State Coordinator for promoting livelihood opportunities for rural poor women. Consequently, to work as a facilitator towards the empowerment of the deprived so that; they can shape their own destiny, I joined PMRDF Scheme.

With just 11 months of work experience in development sector, I joined as a PMRD Fellow in Ranchi (Rural), Jharkhand in June 2012. Last one year’s journey was full of turbulence, sometimes frustrating whereas sometimes persuade. I faced so many challenges but taking all of them very positively, mostly, I got involved in four schemes viz. MGNREGA, NRLM, IWMP and IAY. I contributed in the preparation of Annual Shelf of Projects (2013-14) in MGNREGS in which focal point was inclusion of more schemes which would resultant to establishment of durable assets and improve ecological balance in rural areas. My role was vital in-order to ensure the same; I had to conduct the workshops for the officials of MGNREGS of all the 18 Blocks of the District so that Cluster Facilitation Team can be formed. This CFT can assist each Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat to prepare a holistic perception plan including newly permitted works in MGNREGA, which were neglected earlier. I worked with the Gram Panchayat by regularly attending Gram Sabhas wherever needed and as a result, each block’s Panchayat has proposed the Shelf of Projects with new/additional works permitted under MGNREGA in 2012, which can be converged with other major schemes like IWMP, NBA, NRLM and NRDWP. From day one onwards, I was also engaged in preparing a proposal for “Model Panchayat” in consultation with my DC. There were no provisions of any extra funds for this concept whereas the proposal was an initiative to bring all the existing schemes of a village in a convergent framework at Jariya Panchayat of Bero Block. After completion of Report from the Primary Baseline Data and its analysis, now I am working on its implementation part. I am also involved in the implementation of NRLM trying to mobilize the SHGs for more monetary transaction. During my frequent visits in the villages, I found a scope of setting a silk reeling enterprise in Angara Block under the fund of IAP for which submission of a detailed project proposal has been done.

My, out of the ordinary focal point is on convergence of the different schemes with one of the largest flagship scheme “MGNREGA”.

Under NRLM, I am also trying to assess local skill gaps and monitor the training and placement for rural unemployed youth who can go through the capacity building and training exercise by Placement Implementing Agencies (PIA), this is because it would enable them to either secure placement in the industry or pursue sustainable self-employment opportunity through Micro Enterprises.

After one year, since July 2013 I’ve been given extra charge in RDD, Jharkhand where I’ve been instructed by Principal Secretary, Jharkhand to assist in monitoring of AwaasSoft of Jharkhand State (MIS of Indira Awaas Yojna).

I find working as a PMRDF and providing developmental support in a LWE District, as the most tremendous contribution to the society. I am pleased to work for the community, who were being neglected yet. I find it more heart touching and smell the fragrance of satisfaction when I find even a little bit of facilitation from my side in making their live better.


Dipti Paridhi Kindo is based at Ranchi (Rural) district in Jharkhand. She is a Post Graduate in Rural Development from Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi. She worked as a teacher and also in rural development sector addressing issues of communities related to livelihoods, Panchayats, natural resource management, health and promoted SHGs and women empowerment for around two years before joining PMRD Fellowship.


31 thoughts on ““Live and let live is good but live and help live is better”

  1. dipti gud initiative but could you check the IAY corruption a political party run by ex DY.C.M r collecting money from beneficieries n PMRDF r showcase only, what an irony..rural damager claimed themselves prof.

    • Vinay Jee,
      It seems, you belongs to Jharkhand. I can understand ,we youths are full of aggression but in spite of blaming others , we can convert it into positive manner for taking the good initiatives with a motive behind to make better the lives of our rural India.
      As you have mentioned, politicians(nation builder) are doing corruption not PMRDFs.

    • Do U have any idea… how corruption check out…… why donot you able to dig out the solution that you r expressing for….. at least She(Dipti) is doing something for development of system/schemes…. What U r doing boss…..

    • Vinay Jee,
      It seems, you belongs to Jharkhand. I can understand ,we youths are full of aggression but in spite of blaming others , we can convert it into positive manner for taking the good initiatives with a motive behind to make better the lives of our rural India.
      As you have mentioned, politicians(nation builder) are doing corruption not PMRDFs

  2. Great Journey and appreciate your patience. There very few people from our young crowd who really do anything for the country. I am really proud of you and you inspire many people as well including myslef.

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  4. Hello. Congratulations first of all. It is always a matter of happiness and moment to celebrate when we got to see somebody who has the real passion and zeal to work for the country. To work for the poor. Nothing is happening in my mind as soon as I read the advt on PMRDF on the Hindu today. I am a proud Indian and I really wanted to help uplifting my motherland as far as I live in this materialistic world. Can u pls, assist on the methods to be followed to prepare for AICAT. ie., what would be the area covered?
    Thank you & See u soon.

    • Hello Vignesh,

      Thank You.!

      Kindly, visit the http://www.rural.nic.in/pmrdfs/ site for the pattern of test.
      For the our (first) batch, no qualifying online test was held. The applicants were scrutinized on the basis of essays, degree marks and work experience.

      I would like to suggest you that go through the guidelines of all flagship schemes and read the articles related to it which will help you in o/l test as well as in GD/PI.

      All the best..!!

  5. Dipti,

    I just want to leave a note of appreciation for the good work that you guys are doing through this program. It is this kind of initiative that will bring real development to the country. So you are the real heros. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes.

  6. hai.. sister im v.happy after reading your works im also having strong desire to work my rural people i came from rueral area only this is the right way for do something to my people thank u for ur guidens n motivation

  7. Hello madam.
    I completed B.tech in stream of Information Technology. Recently I watched the advertisement of PMRDF. I would like to apply that job and i got the application form at online. But in filling of that application i have one doubt in on column.that is in QUALIFICATION DETAILS section there is a column named references.I don’t know what information is required for that. please kindly tell the information.And by the way my mobile number is 07382117217. If you don’t mind will you please give me your number. otherwise please leave reply urgently. Please madam.Please don’t mind.

  8. All i wanted to say to all of you PMRDF guys that if i put a national party all of you guys would be assisted by me. Yes, i’ll be at your service…you just need to do your job throughout india. Please take us back to the top where everyone used to salute at indians. Get ready for my call or any good politician’s call…you guys are rocking 🙂

  9. The zest and the zeal with which you guys move ahead is truly inspiring. When our previous generation is really doubtful about the patriotic fervor and the social consciousness in the current generation, you works are a loud answer to them. The entire nation salutes you for your endeavors.
    we just need one suggestion from you mam.. whether we are assured of a job after this fellowship in the same field or other?.
    you were kind enough to reply to many. kindly shoot a suggestion for this query too. thank you. — (my e-mail: karthik4innova@gmail.com)

    • We r from the first batch & there is no such assurance of a job mentioned in the contract after fellowship but if you all are giving ur best then, i think three years will be enough 4 u all to make rapport for assured opportunities in the field/ sector of choice.

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