Lalit Pankaj, PMRDF from Korea, Chhattisgarh pores his heart out in his deep creation, Believe me you are.. 

While wandering,
I come to such places,
Where poor people live.
Mangoes and blackberries,
Fall from the sky,
People pick them up and eat,
Just like that.
Limpid streams,
Bring virgin waters,
Animals and people drink,
From the same shore.
Tranquility of atmosphere,
Music of countless birds,
Omnipresent soothingness of nature,
Lit up my eyes.
Looking down upon all this,
I tell them,
You are disgustingly poor,
Believe me you are…
They ask me,
How so?
How much do you earn?
I explain.
Less than a dollar a day!
That’s why!
Earn for what?
They retort.
Don’t you want,
Formal Education for your children?
Too much is happening around the world,
Don’t you want to watch it on a flat screen TV?
We are not convinced,
What would we do with all that stuff,
We have all we want,
Happiness and peace, they say.
My anger grows,
These people, don’t even know,
What is good for them,
I must intervene.
They must become the beneficiaries of,
Sustainable rural development scheme,
Designed by,
Uber sophisticated intellectuals.
Otherwise some insecure pedantic pirate,
Would venture,
In their naïve unsuspecting society,
To plunder and pillage.
They must be protected,
From rest of the greedy world.
If not now,
It would be too late.
Take this card with your name,
Now on,
You will be bestowed with,
Funds in your direct beneficiary account.
Leave us alone, they said,
O educated shallow bum,
Don’t rub the ointment of your injuries, on us ,
In the name of our development.
“No no” I said
We are genuine development workers,
We really care for you,
We feel your pain of poverty.
We think, they said,
You’re feeling it better than us,
More pain, more gain,
More salary, which you can’t refrain.
We all know about,
Your covert plan,
Leaking pipeline of development schemes,
To feed your insecure overweight clan.
Just that we haven’t been able to publish,
But, you have, for us the theory of entrapment,
In the vicious cycle of,
All along you are the one who is vulnerable
Enough to be in captive starvation,
In the vicious cycle of
Bad Education – Insecurity – and – Dissatisfaction.


3 thoughts on “BELIEVE ME YOU ARE…

  1. Uber sophisticated intellectuals….To feed your insecure overweight clan…. hitting exactly on the point, great observations and very well presented

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