Katamgari Balaiah


Placed at:  Srikaikulam, Andhra Pradesh.

Education: Bachelor in Arts from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University and Masters in Social Work from Pondicherry Central University

Prior work experience:

  • Katamgari Balaiah has worked as a community organizer. Using Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), he has worked with community members on issues of school dropouts and livelihood. He has also been involved in the planning and organizing of fundraising events for children’s events. His work experience spans three years

Key work during fellowship


  • Lack of livelihood and skilled employment opportunities in tribal and interior rural regions of Seethampet Mandal in the district

What was done:

  • Facilitated the House Level Planning, Identification Process and Grounding the livelihood Units in Seethampet Mandal
  • Planned and  organized the Youth Net Work with a view to involve them in translating Sakshar Bharat Centres as Village Information Centres


  • Within 2 year, establishment of livelihood units for 500 families  was completed
  • Around 200 tribal youth linked with local private skilled jobs
  • 38 Sakshar Bharat Centres transformed into Village Information Centres
  • 1300+  Youth Group and encouraged them to be part of education, sanitation and health activities at GP level



With women of fishermen communities are in relax mood at relief camps in Srikakulam.