Prudhvi Pavuluri


Placed at: ITDA Rampachodavaram,  East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

Education: B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from RVR & JC College of Engineering, MA Rural Development and Governance from TISS, Hyderabad

Prior work experience:
Worked for one year as a Systems Engineer in Infosys Technologies Ltd. and two years as a Teacher and counselor for tenth grade students in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
One key work during fellowship


Employability skills of the tribals are poor in the agency areas of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from Skill Development programmes of the state government, no customised trainings happen according to the need of educated and unemployed tribals. These tribal students are unable to fill ST reservation quota provided for them in government employment because of lack of guidance.

What was done:

Newspaper advertisement was given in local newspaper that training would be offered based on the demand for whatever skill required and orientation for particular job would be provided. Initially 500 students showed interest for Teacher job when there was notification out for it. So, 500 tribal students were taught for two months by bringing in experts. Later on Army selection was happening in AP, we conducted training to 100 students who are physically fit for the selection process. Free accommodation, food, training, study kits were provided to all these students. Training was also given to improve their english, general knowledge skills, communication and basic computer skills.


After six months of these trainings, all these students are confident and skilled to apply for other jobs along with the exam they had opting for. All these first generation learners and job seekers are changing the way other students in the villages look at education and skills. Out of 100 students trained for army, 3 are selected to Army, 5 for Short service Commission, 20 are placed in regular jobs at nearby towns. 28% of tribal students trained are working presently without quitting job and are inspiring others to develop their skills.