Aman Akash Bharadwaj

59 Aman

Placed at:   Rohtas, Bihar

Education: B. Tech. (Mining Engineering), Indian School of Mines Dhanbad

Prior work experience:
Aman Akash Bhardwaj has worked as a senior officer in Coal India Limited. His work involved assisting in the conduct of mining operations and adhering to adequate safety standards and following standard operational procedures. His role was largely of a crisis manager and handling conflict on the worksite.
Key work during fellowship


  • Poor learning levels of primary school children. Out of 1.9 lakh students in class 3-5, only 45,000 (25%) students could read and comprehend a simple story and only 38,000 (20%) students could perform basic mathematical operations.

What was done:

  • Planning, executing the remedial teaching program “Mission Quality”
    Creating a district monitoring team for monitoring of the program .
    Creating space of conflict-management by giving platform of discussion to NGO
    Pratham and district and block level officials of education department


  • By the end of one year program, the number of students able to comprehend stories reached 80,000 (42%) and students able to perform basic calculations reached up to 71,000 (37%)