Namrata Vilochan

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Placed at:   Aurangabad, Bihar

Education: masters in economics from patna university

Prior work experience:

worked for three and half years as district coordinator for ngo mimansa, then after worked as state coordinator for un agency for whole jharkhand state , before joining PMRDF

Key work during fellowship


  • unemployment was rampant in my district,migration was in its worst stage there, all skill programmes running under different deptt was almost failure, evry year they even failed to achieve target, i had prepared detailed report on that.every year planning deptt was surrendering its iap fund earmarked for skill training due to complexity in organizing skill project.

What was done:

  • Prepared a project report for a successful skill project, studied the reasons of failures of skill projects of other dept. At my district, interacted with youth and all the stakeholders of a skill training project,then very carefully prepared a route map for running skill project and give it name” project advait”, in this individual focus i gave on every aspect of skill project, mobilization, planning and execution, it was three pillars of my project report and each one of it has a detailed structure and route map . like what would be our steps for mobilization? Like i ensured maximum involvement of rural youth from remotest and most naxal affected village of my districtin this skill project , opened a formal point at district for entertaining youth queries from whole district, made sure involment of all govt officers in it, to ensure project sustainability. counselling and interview with youth before starting of training to know their interest, at their village itself. under planning, created district level monitering team headed by collector, regular and surprise visits to center, weekly test, biometric attendance and most important black listing of agency performing poor and removal of non serious candidates, to maintain seriousness of training., is prominent features of this execution, i was fully involved in all the three areas including this.


  • impact of this effort was mesmerizing,nearly 4500 students got enrolled in nine different trades in this skill project training under iap(for the first time in history of district aurangabad,bihar, it happened). its a continous process now, most important success which i feel is this that, more than 70% of the total candidates of the enrolled candidates ,were from village areas(earlier in skill projects of other deptt, there was dominance of youth from urban areas only), and trained youth under our skill training, got placement in not only bihar but also in other states too. youth and especially girls interest were worth noticing, success of this skill project gave them courage to come to district headquarter from there remote village to talk to us,interact with us, discuss with us there future, what courses they should opt everything..its a real success of this project advait.