A Hema Priya Darshini


Placed at:   Jashpur, Chhattisgarh



Prior work experience:
One key work during fellowship

  • Jashpur has high incidence of under-five mortality (High priority district) & Dairy sector is unorganized with many landless migrants.

What was done:

  • Health Project: ‘Health Wednesday’ (HW), a special initiative on malnutrition with photo-based monitoring system to provide monthly free treatment for malnourished kids by medical doctors.
    Dairy Project: Restarting the shut down-pasteurization unit, organizing small scale dairy farmers, produce low cost fodder & supply pasteurized milk to local consumers as well as malnourished children. (Both projects are currently in progress – April 2015)


  • 3000+ malnourished kids benefit from ‘Health Wednesday’ every month. Enables weekly referral of SAM children at the risk of death to NRC. The state has recommended state-wide replication of HW.
    Expected to provide sustainable livelihoods to cow farmers & supply hygienic milk to consumers (scale: to grow over years).