Deependra Thakur

146 Deepender Thakur

Placed at:   Surajpur, Chhattisgarh

Education: B.Sc(Agri Marketing), University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Master in Finance & Control, Dept of Financial Studies, Delhi University

Prior work experience:

  • Worked for three in the field of Corporate Finance & Treasury Management
    Key work during fellowship


  • Surajpur is a tribal district with a tough geographical location, low level of teacher attendance is a major challenge in providing the education to the govt school children.

What was done:

  • A program titled PARAKH was started through which monitoring teams of CAC(under SSA) were made and inter-cluster monitoring mechanism(10 pointer- MDM, Quality of education, record maintenance etc) was developed with real times reporting through Mobile Apps & customised MIS.


  • The attendance level of teachers has improved drastically & now the focus will be on the quality of education & improving the service delivery at school level.