Mayur Gupta

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Placed at:   Kondagaon, Chhattisgarh


  • BA in Occupational Therapy (Ergo Medicine from the National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped, West Bengal and Masters in Public Health from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Prior work experience:

  • Mayur Gupta has worked as a Research Fellow in the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA in a study titled “Health Assessment of Taconite Worker”. During his masters degree he conducted public health studies in rural, urban and industrial setups.

Key work during fellowship


  • Youths from the district were getting involved or were forced to get involved in LWE activities. There were less opportunities and employment options (or escape roots) for the youths to get out of their remote villages and hence problem of LWE affections.

What was done:

  • Army Recruitment, which has two test (Physical & Written), were done for the youths. I was made the Nodal to plan and execute the whole process. The time span was very short so I designed a 10 days residential training program, so that most of the time can be utilized. Particularly the written test was focus more as the physical test was cleared by many youths previously also, and the rural youth was shy even to speak their names with lack of confidence. The experts team and trainers were selected and send to state headquarter for refresher course and training as trainers. The whole process was kept confidential and security of participants and all the stakeholders of the program was ensured. Training with intermittent internal examination was done. Capacity building, moral boost-up, personality development was also focused so that later on interviews and exposure could be eased. Divisional Commisioner, IG, SP, Collector were all involved to boost up the participants and intermitently interact with them.


  • Total 75 youths from the whole Bastar Division participated in the training program and out of these 75, 38 got selected in Indian Army. This was highly appreciated by the State, particularly Chief Minister and Director Army Recruitment, Chhattisgarh, himself came to Kondagaon to understand the process and appreciated it. The major impact of the whole program was on the 38 youths which were selected and their families, as their lives will soon change from LWE affected to Army Soldiers background for coming generations.. This gave others also a hope and way out to the problem of LWE in their places.