Nikhilesh Hari

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Placed at:   Bastar, Chhattisgarh

Education: 0

Prior work experience:
Key work during fellowship


  • This problem of low quality of learning was highlighted among the top 3 problems of Chhattisgarh by Chief Secretary of the state and it was in fact a problem in district as Bastar district ranks last in state in ASER survey of state.

What was done:

  • To improve the quality of learning we have developed a format which measures the learning levels of students and this data is input into a specially developed software which helps monitoring the progress.


  • For this purpose I first took feedback and suggestions from teachers in the district. Upon their suggestions we made some changes in the timetable, syllabus and seating arrangements in the schools. We also developed monitoring formats for BEO, BRCC and CAC’s. Based on Data generated out of the software we are having monthly meeting headed by the District Collector.