Nikunj Kamjibhai Gameti

Nikunj Gameti

Placed at:   Koriya, Chhattisgarh

Education: 0

Prior work experience:
Key work during fellowship


  • Farmers were slowly losing interest in dairy farming as it was non-incentive activity to the farmer as they had no assured buyer to buy daily milk and whatever milk they produced they had to come to small town to sell them.

What was done:

  • Demand and supply chain analysis was done
    Rejuvenated closed milk pasteurizing and packaging plant
    Stakeholder consultations held
    Created own district Brand “Amritdhara Pasturerized Milk”
    Formed 12 village milk cooperatives initially
    Started village level milk collection from farmers
    Short term Agriculture loan( @1% interest rate)was sanctioned for potential dairy farmers in cooperatives to buy milching animal


  • Within 3 months dairy reached 800 liters of milk/day collection and selling, collection is increasing everyday.
    Till now 100 farmers have joined the cooperatives
    Win-Win situation for both producer(doorstep purchase, fair price) & consumer( quality product for their money)
    Chhattisgarh State Chief Minister (Dr. Raman Singh) formally inaugurated the dairy after its success.