Sai Kiran Reddy Kallem

205 J_K_Poonch_Sai Kiran Reddy Kallem

Placed at:   Poonch, Jammu & Kashmir


Prior work experience:
One key work during fellowship

  • Unemployment is one of the major problems faced by the youth in the district and has two dimensions. Primarily, very few opportunities and limited presence of private sector industry

What was done:

  • Contacted PIA who conducts the training and organizes placement
    Orientation and workshops for rural youth from disadvantaged sections is to be held (success stories etc. from the state)
    Mobilize the youth to take up opportunity.
    Track those youth who are enrolled and make course correction if necessary.


  • The agency guarantees 75% and more placement thus providing employment and improvement in livelihood condition of rural youth (3 months residential training for a batch of 50 youth)