Shitiz Chaudhary

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Placed at:   Leh, Jammu & Kashmir


Prior work experience:
One key work during fellowship

  • Fresh fruits & vegetables are not available in the district in winter months (Nov-April) as local production is not possible (extreme cold) and outside supply stops (closure of roads) resulting in acute nutritional deficiencies (80%).

What was done:

  • Working on a project for large scale processing and storage of fruits and vegetables to meet district requirements (7000 ton).
    No storage facilities/ no know how in the district at present.
    Individual/private entrepreneurs to be trained across the district by Food Craft Institute on preservation and storage techniques.
    Credit facilities for entrepreneurs for infrastructure development.
    District wide distribution through co-operatives in winter months


  • Minimum recommended dietary requirement of fruits and vegetables to be made available at normal prices.
    Attempt to address the nutritional deficiencies faced especially by children.
    Employment and income generation opportunity for locals.