Belmati Jonko

Placed at:   Khunti, Jharkhand

Education: MBA in Rural Management

Prior work experience:

  • Before joining PMRDF I have worked as Assistant Manager-Marketing for Neem India Pvt.Ltd. in Karnataka for one year in Gujarat and Karnataka responsible for Marketing, partnership building and promotions for the company .

Key work during fellowship


  • One major issue that I have observed in Khunti district that though being an adjoining district to capital city Ranchi and industrial city Jamshedpur distress migration and at large human trafficking was prevalent.Livelihood opportunity was not available to people and there was no support for their existing livelihood cycle such as their income source from Non-timber forest produce (major income source for the family) was not prioritize for development.

What was done:

  • Created an Anti-Human Trafficking Cell in the administration – Awareness campaign for human trafficking was done so that people are aware of the condition of modern day slavery and help them out with consultancy to parents / guardians with FIR lodging & rescue process. With this it was important to strengthen the livelihood activity- Lac cultivation that they have been practicing it traditionally by improving its technique and forward-backward linkage support.Lac cultivation is the major livelihood activity that tribal families were involved in the district. Lac producer groups were formed which would carry out the backward-forward linkage for their group members. Capacity building and training for these groups were done .Lac processing unit were open at block level for processing and storage of lac product so that life of lac is increased and they can gain on bargaining advantage of the market.


  • With the increase in market opportunity income has increased and distress migration has decreased.This has given them choices on the bargaining opportunity and informed choice over it.As well as youths and minor girls are less vulnerable due to family income security and peer pressure support from the group.