Bhimappa Kareppa Lali

Placed at:   Ranchi, Jharkhand 138 Bhimappa_Lali-Jharkhand

Education: B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering from R.V.College of Engineering, Bengaluru affiliated to VTU Belgaum, Karnataka

Prior work experience: No prior work experience.
One key work during fellowship

  • Assets created under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme are concentrated on particular category of water conservation and harvesting. Within that category highest expenditure was on irrigation wells. The MGNREG Scheme provides for wide range of assets creation directly enabling livelihood generation for people. The individual assets of with less expenditure than irrigation well can be created to aid people in livelihood promotion. The irrigation well has better rate to return on investment under the MGNREG Scheme but it can be only benefit beneficiary with minimum amount of land. So effort was made to diversify assets into new categories permitted under the scheme.

What was done:

  • The Intensive Participation Planning Exercise (IPPE) was carried in the 6 blocks and Cluster Facilitation Team (CFT) project was implemented in the 10 blocks of the Ranchi district during 201-15 year. I was member of State Resource Team (SRT) for the IPPE exercise and District nodal person for CFT project. This opportunity was used to train the members of Block Planning Team (BPT) under IPPE who facilitated villagers to carry out the planning in the villages. The BPTs are trained for assets permitted under MGNREG Scheme, the model estimate for each of assets and labour to material ratio. The CFT team members are also apprised of the details of assets permitted and other details. The close monitoring was done ensure that diversified assets are planned and implemented under MGNREG Scheme.


  • The assets distribution across the permitted spectrum in the MGNREG Scheme between the year 2014-15 and 2015-16 explains the impact of the exercise. The assets are taken up under various categories. Instead of single assets with larger expenditure there are large no. of works with little expenditure are taken up. Due to this the beneficiary’s profiles also underwent some changes. Beneficiaries in the new method involved person without considerable agriculture land also.