Gaurav Upadhyay

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Placed at:   Ranchi (Rural), Jharkhand

Education: 1) MSC in Disaster Management,Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS). 2)BE in Electronics & communication, Rajasthan University

Prior work experience:

  • Worked for 1year 5 months with GVK, EMRI as Emergency Operation Coordintor handled emergency operation in 75 districts and 988 location of Uttar Pradesh.
  •  2 year 6 months with Hewlett Packart (HP) as System Engineer handled IT operation of 4 fortune 500 companies across 54 business units”

One key work during fellowship

  • SHGs in NRLM in the districts have little or no knowledge of income generation and entrepreneurship skills ends up with only doing saving and no idea how to utilize the fund and loan received.

What was done:

  • A delivery chain analysis has been done with the consultation with of District Dairy officer and District Animal Husbandry officer.
    There will be a training of the interested SHG women in SIRD for 5 days including a field trip to the nearby milk collection center. Then they will be link to credit facilities through government schemes.


  • It can have impact on earning of at least 200 SHGs in one year
    This will also improve the nutrition status of the children in tribal areas