Neetisha Besra

Neetisha Besra_East Singhbhum_Jharkhand

Placed at:   East Singhbhum, Jharkhand

Education: B Tech in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Prior work experience:

  • Worked for 1 year 7 months with Schlumberger Asia Services Limited, India in its Drilling and Measurements Segment as Field Engineer Trainee in the oilfields of Tripura and Barmer (Rajasthan) and as Remote Operations Engineer at its Mumbai headquarters.

One key work during fellowship

  • There is a usual sense of joy and optimism that surmounts after one spent time at the residential school of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhalaya. Girls are taught to be courteous, warm and welcoming to their visitors. There are many who come by to witness this successful initiative in education. It’s overwhelming to see drop out girls belonging to deprived communities, from far flung habitations, battered by left wing extremism activities, chance upon an opportunity that instills in them confidence and empowers them to take on life when she graduates from this place. They are good at sports, craft, mathematics, poetry and what not.
  • These schools give hope, but, after several visits the enigma starts to wither away, slowly. Girls start sharing their inhibitions and fears. The greatest fear is that of going back home. After these six eventful years of liberation, grown inquisitiveness, and surging hope, she confronts the reality of being married off soon after, the financial burden her family may not be able to bear for her higher education and the added responsibilities she may be expected to fulfill as in done for a girl of their age. Bogged down by such horrific possibilities, a group of senior most girls walked up to me after a usual career counseling sessions. They said, “Didi humare liye kuch kijiye. Hume ghar wapas nahi jaana.”
  • Amidst that fear I could see a gleam of aspiration in those dreamy eyes. Not that they didn’t want to go home but they didn’t want to go back yet. They wanted to feel accomplished before they could tell their family about what those years of partition helped them accomplish. We tried to trace the batch of girls which had just graduated from nine KGBVs to know what they were doing. Few were enrolled into colleges because of her family’s support, a little more were married off, but the larger chunk were the ones who stayed at home for fate to take its course.

What was done:

  • In April, 2015 girls who had immediately graduated from three of the most far flung blocks (most naxal affected) – Dumuria, Gurabandha and Dhalbhumgarh, who also had the maximum possibility to not be enrolled in any college were traced. Out of 150 pass outs we could trace about 61 of them. They were counselled on the career prospects they had. Thereafter, we started with a career couselling initiative in all 9 KGBVs conducting surveys to assess their aspirations and dreams in life. Following that we screened a series of movies and inspirational videos on their role models and invited guest lecturers to educate them about how they could pursue their dream careers after they reached their intermediate level. Information about higher education, scholarships and competetive examinations were fed in simulataneously.


  • We sent 61 resumes of the girls traced out for Tribal Cultural Societies’ (Tata Steel CSR) sponsored ANM/GNM 3 year Training course in Bangalore. 45 got selected and were sent to pursue the course after their parents were counselled and convinced about their well being. A few were enrolled into Indo Danish Tool Room, MSME, Jamshedpur. The girls who pass out now on would be more aware and informed about the plethora of career choices she can undertake. Hence, would script a better future for herself.