Silvester Topno


Placed at:   Simdega, Jharkhand

Education: MBA, Northeastern Hill University
BBM, East point college of higher education

Prior work experience:

  • Worked as DEVELOPMENT APPRENTICE in PRADAN in the field of livelihood for 1 year at BOKARO STEEL CITY, JHARKHAND

One key work during fellowship


  • The indigenous tribes residing here for decades whose main activities are practicing agriculture and collecting forest produces (non timber forest products) for their livelihood didn’t posses their land rights. The community depends on these forests produces a lot for their livelihood and gets exploited by the forest rangers most of the time, as they do not allow them to collect firewood, graze their cattles, to cultivate land and collect forest produces as they do not have any kind of land rights.

What was done:

  • A route chart was prepared, schedule was made to organize gram sabhas in all the revenue villages, all inactive forest protection committees are made active, new committees were formed according to the guidelines wherever the need was felt, people were made aware about the importance and benefits associated with forest rights, Sub Divisonal Level Committes (SDLC) & District Level Committee (DLC) also came into action when applications started coming from the ground level. These meetings were organized on regular basis to pass the applications (claims)made for forest right.


  • As a result of this of 11083 claims were filed out of which 7502 Pattas (Titles) have already been distributed to beneficiaries both individual as well as community pattas in less than a year. An extent of forest land of around 3139.86 acres have been distributed and still continuing.