Subash Prabakaran

163 Jharkhand_Giridih_Subash_Prabakaran

Placed at:   Giridh, Jharkhand

Education: B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka(NITK)

Prior work experience:

  • Engineer(Aero), ARDC, Hindustan Aeronautical Limited, Bengalurue

One key work during fellowship

  • Giridih district has a sanctioned teacher strength of over 16000, of which more than 6500 ie more than 40% are vacant.

What was done:

  • Reorienting the volunteerism in our society towards education by emphasizing the importance of volunteerism in schools for the volunteers, the school, the students and the society as a whole.
    Creating a system which promotes volunteerism, connects volunteers to the right opportunity, provides full support to the volunteers and finally ensure all volunteers maintain a set standards in school.


  • The program in short term is meant to meet the shortage of teachers. But the main intention of the program is to create a culture of continuous participation of the society in the academic life of schools and create a ownership in the society for the school.