Priya Tayde

Priya Tayde

Placed at:   Gadchiroli, Maharashtra

Education: BA (Political Science), University of Pune and MA Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Prior work experience:

  • Priya Tayde has held work profiles which required her to observe governance practices in different economic contexts. She has been involved in advocacy, research, campaigning and policy drafting.

One key work during fellowship

  • Remotest villages in the districts face quite some difficulties in accessing basic services. A measure is needed to identify the remotest villages for right targeting

What was done:

  • A statistical indicator called “”Net Infrastructure Index”” for Physical Infrastructure accessibility was developed.
    The index is based on the distance a villager would travel in order to access a particular service.
    Includes an account of 12 services marked for all 1,688 villages across the district.


  • Helped to understand the geographic as well as service areas where performance of the district was weak
    Fund planning is being done accordingly
    NII is been widely used to measure the development effort done in the district and appreciated across the state.