Arti Mishra

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Placed at:   Imphal East, Manipur

Education: Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Barkatullah University andMBA (Rural Management), KIIT School of Rural Management, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Prior work experience:

  • Worked for 11 Months as Project Consultant, GSTDREIS, A society of Tribal Development Department, Government of Gujarat. Major responsibility assigned was to provide managerial support to schools (Eklavya Model Residential Schools, Girls Residential Schools and Model Schools) of society. I was responsible for Planning, implementation and management of INTEL one to one e-learning project in 3 EMRS schools of the society taken as CSR project of the INTEL at Gujarat.

One key work during fellowship

  • It was realised even with the many Central and State sponsored development schemes, people at remote LWE affected areas, either have very less windows to iterate their development needs or there are less opportunities where they can plan, participate and be the part of the development they desire.

What was done:

  • Project Bharosa (implemented at Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh) was designed with objective of providing people tools to understand their own development requirements and articulate it, other objective was to nurture trust of people in administration by fulfilling self identified, prioritize development needs of 180 remotest villages of 6 LWE blocks


  • Intended impact was to cater basic infrastructures and livelihood demands (digitize) of 15000 households and 180 remotes villages with ongoing schemes and designing special projects under IAP for unmet demands which could not be taken under any other existing schemes or programme.