Aditya Tyagi

42 Aditya TyagiPlaced at:   Upper Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh

Education: B.Sc, Delhi University and MCA, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Prior work experience:

  • Aditya has a business analytics consulting background wherein he participated in business problem solving; planning and implementing, coaching and motivating and alignment of objectives at different levels.
    One key work during fellowship
  • Loss of means of living by generations of tribes living at the international border due to closure of trade route

What was done:

  • Along with the local youth, built the idea to revive the Indian part of the trade route as an adventure trekking route
    Worked to organize resources and support. Everest winners from Arunachal led the trekking expedition
    The 5 days trek has been GPS mapped, rest and rescue points identified, local people mobilised for home stay and other facilities. Local herbs and identified and listed
    Stories, videos, photos, articles shared over social media, departmental news. More to follow


  • Wave at local level to re-establish the route
    A determined group of 20 people will trace the route every year, inviting membership from outside
    Sports department at Arunachal has taken notice. Will support the initiative from next year