Nyatum Doke

180 ARunachal_Upper Subansity_Nyatum_Doke

Placed at:   Upper Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh

Education: BA in English Literature from Cotton College, Guwahati and Masters in Political Science from Gauhati University

Prior work experience: Worked as Junior Research Fellow, UGC in Department of political Science Gauhati University.

One key work during fellowship


Livelihood in Upper subansiri in Particular and Arunachal Pradesh in General Depend basically on Govt jobs, Contract works, agriculture and forest product. Finding sustainable alternative livelihood option was an issue.

What was done:

Firstly, I worked upon Adventure tourism for livelihood promotion. With regards to Adventure tourism “Siyum to Menchuka Trekking expedition through Tikuk Mountain” was initiated and started in collaboration and cooperation with the local community and the administration.

Secondly, A project called ‘Lable-IV Gram Panchayat to Daporijo Town’ was initiated. This project was based on the domestication and marketing of various wild vegetables which grows in the locality.

Thirdly, with the aid of NRLM 10(ten) active SHGs has been formed and trained in the Sippi village under Daporijo CD Block of Upper Subansiri. These village has been developed as a resource village.


Adventure tourism would provide an alternate livelihood option for locals specially the local youths. State Sports and Youth Department is supporting the initiative and has pledged to make it an annual event. They have also selected some youth for training in the related field.

A kind of SHG revolution is taking place in the District: with women getting self confident and empowered and coming forward enthusiastically to form SHGs.

People understood that with some technical guidance and little value addition locally available wild vegetables could fetch good income.