Rutwik Dilip Phatak

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Placed at:   Hailakandi, Assam

Education: B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration,                             IHMCTAN Mumbai; PGDM, Indian Institute of                               Management, Shillong

Prior work experience: No prior work experience
One key work during fellowship

  • Poor performance of the district in planning and implementation of MGNREGA leading to malpractices at the field level

What was done:

  • A block planning team (BPT) consisting of 4 villagers from each Gaon Panchayat was constituted at the block level
    The BPT members were trained on-the-job to conduct PRA and household survey to record demand for work in each ward
    Plans were made based on the local needs and seasonality
    Ward-Sabha’s were organised to finalise works at habitation level


  • 55% increase in the approved labour budget over the last year
    If implemented properly, MGNREGA expenditure in the district can increase by 3 times thus creating more benefits for the villagers
    Increased availability of work can help cut down the corrupt practices prevalent in the system at present