Umesh Hiralal Borkar

222 Umesh Borkar_Assam_Kokokrajhar

Placed at:   Kokrajhar, Assam


Prior work experience:
One key work during fellowship

  • General assistance needed by district from specialist

What was done:

  • I am working with DRDA on various schemes like MGNREGA,CM’s Dream Project,RPRS,Social audits and Monitoring and Evaluation of various schemes at district level,etc. Out of these schemes,I extensively worked on the Intensive Participatory Planning Exercise for the labour budget
    Still there are constraints like lack of banking facilities in the villages so they have to travel to the disrict town to access their payment,less and untimely payment of wages to both workers and the officials like Gram Rojgar Sevak. I wish to work further on the initiatives to empower people through MGNREGA and other similar schemes.


  • During IPPE, we spread awareness about the demand component in the MGNREGA,prioritisation of work by knowing the seasons,resources available and then drawing timelines,etc. Due to this people have started demanding work