Piyush Vishnu Ozarde

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Placed at:   Dhalai, Tripura

Education: BE in Electronics and Telecommunication

Prior work experience:
No prior work experience.
One key work during fellowship

Less awareness levels regarding health and sanitation which led to massive outbreak of Malaria in year 2014.

What was done:

  • IEC campaign was designed, with some awareness films by Disney and UNESCO translated into local tribal langauge, Kokborok. A team of volunteers and officials from health department went to tribal habitations with projector, screen, computer and generator to screen the films. A interactive discussion therafter, to specifically engage young children and youth was done to ensure that message was fully understood and they will bring it into action. over 150 such programmes are planned in two years, over 100 are already completed.


  • Disease prevalence has drastically reduced with all residents of tribal communities coming forward to seek modern healthcare services instead of using less effective ways and superstitions. Awareness levels for handwash, cleanliness, use of mosquito nets has improved to a great extend. Demand for IHHLs has gone up, with those who have been provided IHHLs recently, proudly stating that they use IHHLs now instead of defecating in the open.