Ransom Lungleng

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Placed at:   Mon, Nagaland


Prior work experience:
One key work during fellowship

  • Lack of good quality training for state employees pertaining to IPPE

What was done:

  • The activity that I was assigned was to train train the whole MGNREGA functionaries from all 11 districts of Nagaland for the IPPE training which is designed for the labour budget preparation 2015-16.
    I was doing the assigned task because I was nominated to do so by the state,  plus I took it as the prime importance to bring change in the village level planning through participatory manner. If I train these officials effectively, it will surely impact the lives of people in rural area through mgnrega program.


  • The outcome is simple yet remarkable because the idea of participatory planning at village level was introduced to all district and block functionaries for the first time in the state. Plus, MGNREGA labour budget for all villages was prepared based on participatory planning.