Anuranjan Minz

55 Anuranjan Minz

Placed at:   Nawarangpur, Odisha

Education: BA Social Work, National Institute of Social Works and Social Sciences, Utkal University and MA Social Work, Indore School of Social Work, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya

Prior work experience:

  • Anuranjan Minz has worked in the education sector. His work involved promoting quality life of children by increasing access to quality and relevant education through community ownership and service. His tasks included development of livelihood and life skills for school children and adolescents
    One key work during fellowship
  • In chandahandi block lac is the traditional occupation for the people but there was distress selling .

What was done:

  • Formed farmers club of 330 ST/SC farmers for the purpose of collective ,bargaining , selling to Lac with trades for fare price .
    Provide 330 farmers brood Lac for increase the income .
    Set up processing unit for providing value addition of row Lac.
    Due to more production took another initiative making of Lacquer Craft ,involved age 15-20 years girls and who left the school.
    Further formed Producer Group to involve more ten young girls through NRLM and tag the group with TDCC for marketing purpose


  • Within one year 180 ST/SC farmers got benefit financially.
    Next year 150 ST/Sc farmers included in farmers club and they also financially benefit from the Lac activities.
    30 ST/SC young girls benefit through formation of producer group in term of economically and minimize the dependency .