Chittaranjan Mahapatra

63 Chittaranjan Mahapatra

Placed at:   Nuapada, Odisha

Education: M.Phil in Planning & Development from HSS, IIT, Bombay, Mumbai.

Prior work experience:

  • Trained in the field of planning and development my domain of work and advisory services includes economic, social and environmental research and analysis, appraisal, evaluation and impact assessment, policy development, strategy and action planning. Before joining PMRDF, I was associated with an array of research organizations including Government and Non Government organizations for five years in various capacities like Project Manager, Team Leader, Project Associate, Research associate in Madhyam Foundation, Udyam, CES, IISC, Bangalore and others.

One key work during fellowship

  • Distress sell of paddy in the district Nuapada leads to reduced level of income and exploitation on the part of the farmers. Out of total sixty thousand farmers, around 22,000 farmers (45%) are the most vulnerable segment who were in the real crisis.

What was done:

  • The mission was to streamline the Paddy Procurement process for the Kharrif Session 2013-1014 in the district. This was accomplished through enforcement of single system of procurement of paddy, analysis of the Paddy Procurement data of the Kharrif session 2012-2013 and enhanced coordination among different stakeholders like civil supply department, agriculture department,cooperation department,police, media, district administration and farmers and their organizations.Effort was made for making Farmers Identity card as the single system for procurement of paddy from the farmers. Coordination was made with the Secretary, RMC Khariar Road for printing of required number of FIC, Field functionaries of Agriculture Department and Revenue officials for field verification and issue of cards to farmers and coordination with PACS and civil supply department for procurement of paddy based on FICs. The analysis was done through the procurement data provided by the PACS. In this process effort was made to identify the persons who sold paddy more than 50 quintals during the last session and this data was matched against the production assessment conducted by the Village Agricultural Workers in their respective areas to know the illegal practices and shortcomings of the RoR and KCC system of the paddy procurement. This was shared with the department of the Agriculture and Cooperation to further take necessary measures during the procurement process.


  • The effort helped the District Administration in issuing Farmers Identity Cards to farmers in all the five Blocks of the district like Nuapada (9046), Khariar (2598), Komna (3845), Sinapalli (2413) and Boden (1374) .So total number of 19,276 farmers sold their paddy to Government as per the prescribed minimum support price and got good remuneration for their produce. This effort also limited the role of middlemen and exposed the official and rice millers nexus and solved the crisis of distress sale of paddy in the district and became instrumental for enhancing the level of income for poor farmers.