Devi Archana Ashe

Devi Archana Ashe

Placed at:   Nawarangpur, Odisha

Education: BA (Honours) Psychology, Kuntala Kumari Sabat Women’s College Balasore and Population Studies Fakir Mohan University Odisha

Prior work experience:

  • Devi Archana Ashe’s experience of five years in the area of livelihood and health involved strengthening of Self Help Groups, building capacities of groups to leverage loans from banks and initiating livelihood activities with tribal families. She also participated in the training of community health facilitators.

One key work during fellowship

  • The major two agro potential of the district are: hybrid maize and lac , sold in raw form to the traders immediately after harvesting

What was done:

  • Value chain analysis conducted
    Stakeholder consultations held at different levels
    Producer Group was formed by establishing the growers in rural area. Activity undertaken by them was preparation of suji (semolina) out of raw maize the product was sold to STs/SCs ashrams schools
    Minimum procurement price was fixed for raw lac by the district administration.


  • By this maize suji venture members of producer group get some kind of incremental income and Lac farmers need not go for distress sale of the raw lac