Gangadhar Puala

Gangadhar puala

Placed at:   Balangir, Odisha

Education: BA Political Science, Raygada University, MA Social Work and M. Phil., Pondicherry University

Prior work experience:

  • I worked in a NGO called “New Life Centre” Rayagada, Odisha for two year as Field coordinator and worked a NGO SANKALP, Balangir, Odisha for one and joined PMRDF scheme.

One key work during fellowship

  •  As a PMRDF Ihave been assigned a work for mitigation distress migration in Balangir district by providing wage employment to rural poor people and
  •  also assigned the work monitoring and evaluation of Rural housing scheme at district.

What was done:

  • the aim to mitigating distress migration in balangir district the wage employment programme started in all the high migration prone block before migration taken place. and ensured the timely measurement and timely payment and
  • for smooth and easy completion of rural house in the district the convergence programme were started in the district along with the rural housing and other benefits. for early completion mason training and material management work done at the block level as well as the grass root level. 


  • the impact under migration was around 10 percent of house hold stayed back at village. it means 10 percent migrating checked in particular two to three villages in turekela block of Balangir district.
  • massive drive taken in completion of rural housing around 200 house hold completed with in week in the district.