Kasaraneni Premteja

159 Kasaraneni Premteja_Nabarangpur_Odisha

Placed at:   Nabarangapur, Odisha

Education: B Tech in Computer Science& Engineerinng , Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada , Andhra Pradesh.

Prior work experience:

  • As a Trainee Assistant Systems Engineer at HCL Informational Technologies Chennai.

One key work during fellowship

  • The District of Nawarangpur ,conceded the most backward district in India, with declaration by the Team of Indian Express as District Zero , after a due verification for an year w.r.t. to the performance of some parameters & development Indices and in terms of people’s accessibility & entitlement towards certain provisions , is grappling like any thing .Livelihoods ,being the major among them , has its cascading effect and further influencing largely as a Push Factor for rampant Migration in the region.

What was done:

  • So the major thrust has been given to the ”enhancement of Livelihood standards” in the district by making people aware of the provisions in diff. Schemes w.r.t. the Diff. Departments , that enable them to get themselves entitled to the benefits, diff. flagship programs are creating and by developing entrepreneur activity through Capacity Building and Skill Development Training Programs and so on ,that finally checks the issue of Migration.
    Efforts in Livelihood development through MICRO PLANNING and Activities yielded Productive Out put:
  • By holding the charge of two regular offices in DRDA, Nawarangpur , i.e Addnl.Project Director(Livelihoods) and Addnl. Project Director (Skill development & Capacity Building) , the following were done;
    a. Training BNVs (Bharat Nirman Volunteers) & elected PRI members in seven Modules empowering them get the deep understanding on all the provisions carried on with the on going programs.(ongoing..)
  •  Developed few Producer Groups to take up some entrepreneur activity and organised Nijyukti Melaas (Job Fairs) to the rural unemployed under DDU-GKY.
  •  Organizing Mason and plumber Training Programs in several phases , as part of which , several beneficiaries are getting an ”on site training” in their respective streams.(ongoing..)
  •  Working towards the Development of Fisheries in the district by motivating the people in the most remote , backward pockets , to take up Fishery Activity , by making them aware of the provisions , they are entitled to , under the schemes of FFDA(Farm Pond Development Agency) , NFDB (National Fishery Development Board), CAI (Commercial Agriculture Intensive) and so on .


  • With respect to the aforesaid activities , mainly the Programs of Mason Training and Fishery Activity are producing an enormous output .
  •  Around 2000 beneficiaries imparted Mason Training, have improved their Livelihood standards enormously by transforming themselves into a high waged skill full labor , involving in the ongoing Rural Housing as well as Engineering works in the district , there by making better lives in the district itself , without going to the near by places in the bordering states as a daily labor. Also the program served the purpose of addressing low progress in Rural Housing Programs in the district due to the non availability of the Skilled Masons.
  •  Around 1000 no. of BNV s and PRI members of Nawarangpur district , got provided orientation Training on all the on going schemes and their provisions, and the level of their participation in the policy maters has enormously been increased compared to their previous levels.
  •  Many vulnerable farmers were shown an alternative with the Fishery Activity thereby checking their insecure and vulnerable state of mind , by making them to take up the Fishery activity and availing subsidies , loan waivers under different central aswel as state sponsored schemes.
    And other efficient measures taken are going on and the best is yet to come..