Kuldip Gyaneswar

73 Kuldip_Gyaneswar_Odisha

Placed at:   Koraput, Odisha

Education: MA Development Administration, Gandhigram Rural University Tamil Nadu

Prior work experience:

  • Kuldip Gyaneswar has worked at the Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore where his major areas of work were policy research and analysis, knowledge development and management, field work and partnership management. While working on a project on environmental governance, he contributed to the development of an accountability tool called the Climate Change Score Card to support the process of citizen monitoring of the impact of climate change on the livelihoods of the coastal communities in Tamil Nadu. He was also part of the process of forming a People’s Coalition for Green Tamil Nadu as a citizen-led pressure group to ensure inclusion of environmental agenda in the political manifestos of political parties during the State Assembly elections of 2011.

One key work during fellowship

  • Lack of access to alternate and better source of livelihood puts the tribal families into the vicious circle of poverty

What was done:

  • 4 departments involved (Horticulture, Soil Conservation, Coffee Development, DRDA)
    Estimates were standardised, participatory identification of lands, beneficiary as a partner, robust monitoring system.
    Plantation of commercial crops in over 2200 hectares of land
    2500 beneficiaries comprising the tribals including FRA beneficiaries


  • Survival rate more than 90% after 1 year
    Assured income from the 4th year
    Successful model of convergence
    District was awarded by MoRD for implementing MGNREGA in challenging circumstances.