Nilamadhab Digal

Nilamadhab _Digal

Placed at:   Keonjhar, Odisha

Education: M.A in Social Work ,Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS), Mumbai with specialization in Dalit & Tribal Social works and Management of non profit organisation

Prior work experience:

  • Worked for four years in reputed NGOs with three years in Samaj Pragati Sahayog(SPS), Madhya Pradesh as Programme Officer, Right to Food Programme in the sector of child malnutrition, right to food scheme and livelihood promotion of S.H.Gs members through federation. Then worked one year as Enterprise Promotion Manager(EPM) in UDYOGINI, Odisha in the sector of Value chain development, Women enterprise development and Skill development.

One key work during fellowship

  • Tribal household already received land under FRA are ideally not used for agriculture or other purposes as most of the land are near to forest area and not suited for agriculture.Also household applied for land under FRA but due to lengthy process at different level forced them to wait for beyond the time. Also the experienced of plantation earlier showed that with out water, fencing and proper maintenance it will not succeed.

What was done:

  •  Liaison and networking at Sub Divisional level committee(SDLC) and District level committee(DLC) and follow up to sanctioned and distribute the land to eligible household.
  • Prepare a data base of household received more than 2 acre of land under FRA. Mobilize them to take up for plantation and land development activities under MGNREGS with convergence with line department.
  • Facilitates the entire process right from identification, approval, implement and maintenance of the work by coordinating with all stakeholder and departments( like Horticulture, Watershed, OLIC, ITDA) involved in the work. 
  •  Facilitates opening of job card and bank/postal account of MGNREGS laborers to work in the plantation and land development site.”


  •  1400 household received land under FRA.
  • 600 beneficiaries of 1000 hector land identified for horticulture plantation in 129 patches resulting in the generation of 350000 persondays of work for laborers under MGNREGS
  • 400 beneficiaries taken up Land development work under MGNREGS. 
  • Convergence with ITDA for fencing, OLIC for water through dugwell, WESCO for electrification and series of meeting in all 129 patches with beneficiaries for successful plantation.
  •  800 new job card made and 6000 new account of interested laborers opened.


  •  Inter cropping has taken up beneficiaries in 60 patches resulting additional income for their household.


  • Land development helps beneficiaries to take up agricultural activities in their land.