Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Placed at:   Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Education: B. Tech., Krupajal Engineering College Biju Patnaik University of Technology Odisha

Prior work experience:

  • Rashmi Ranjan Rout has been engaged in the IT sector as a teacher, software developer and product manager. He has been associated with Aptech Private Ltd. and Mahindra Satyam.

One key work during fellowship

  • Around 80% rural population of Mayurbhanj District are dependent on agriculture & allied activities for livelihood. But the productions from land and the dependents are not positively proportionate. Whereas , there are lots of barren high lands remains unutilized(because of many reasons) which could be utilized under agricultural activities that would enhance the productivity and so as promote a sustainable livelihood to the peoples of Mayurbhanj.

What was done:

Convergence in fruit Plantation

  • Land development as a focal point with irrigation, plantation, intercropping and social mobilization for optimum utilization of unused barren lands was main aim. In this case under Government programs , keeping MGNREGA was the “SUN” to solve these issues as of a universe where other schemes of State and center as “PLANETS” were converged. Therefore land development through INRM (Integrated Natural Resource management) process and plantation of fruit bearing plants were mainly focused under MGNREGA. Then from other departments of District the other initiative was taken with a holistic approach to complement the whole process.
  • Like to make these barren and uncultivable lands as pro-agricultural activity departments like Horticulture, Soil Conservation, Agriculture and tribal department came forward and planted mostly fruit bearing trees and the trees from which people can fetch income in the upcoming years (Mango, Cashew,Guava.Litchi,Banana,K-Lime, Bamboo and Rubber). Irrigation done through – JALNIDHI and BKVY(Biju Krushak Vikas Yojana) schemes as well
  • Apart from that, to provide regular income through intercropping of vegetable and cash crop like Maize and ground nut were also planned to grow in the patches where plantation work will be taken place in the form of intercropping under ATMA program. Initiatives has also planned for formation of farmer’s producer groups and provide necessary support like Training, Infrastructure, Marketing and Finance under NRLM scheme.


  • 700 Udyan Sathis ( Farmer manager) are now became the social capital for the community to work as a team for day to day plantation works.
  • Generally the survival rate would have been 75% , but the use of borewell, mulching, drip irrigations through convergence increase the survival rate to 90%.
  • Under MGNREGA FY2013-15 , in barren lands of 14928 Ha of plantation for 9967 beneficiaries with 90% of survival rate have done.
  • 2927 members were brought under 44 groups in the year 2013-14.These groups business turn over exceeds Rs.2 Crore in year 2013-14.
  • Received National MGNREGA award as best performing district FY2013-14.