Sunil Ranjan Thanapati

110 Sunil Ranjan Thanapati

Placed at:   Sonepur, Odisha

Education: B. Tech. (Agricultural Engineering), Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology Bhubaneswar

Prior work experience:

  • Sunil Ranjan Thanapati has worked with tribal communities for three years. His work involved planning and execution of activities for soil, water and forest conservation and providing technical assistance.

One key work during fellowship

  • Degradation of Natural resources (Land-Water-Forest etc) on which Tribal depends for their livelihoods

What was done:

  • Community was involved in accessing potential of NR bases
    NR management for promotion of sustainable livelihoods
    Planning and capacity building of stake holders at different level i.e. community, PRIs, NGOs & GOs
    Strategized implementation process targeting 54, 000 households (500HHs/ GP) in this initiative
    Envisaged impact assessment


  • More than 10800 households have been covered under this initiative
    These efforts have encouraged land development, innovative irrigation and better crop production/ cropping system for tribal
    The model will be replicated across the villages in the district.